cut out the darkness (update)


In February 2015, Panasonic presented a “Lantern’ zoo” to Sone, a village in Indonesia’s West Timor that has no access to electricity.

The design I created for this project was selected, printed and donated to the people of Sone, thank you very much to the project team of Panasonic and to Behance Japan.

スクリーンショット 2015-04-28 17.04.16

Here’s the video of the project (my work spotted at 1m43s https://youtu.be/R50Oy1Xyzf4?t=1m43s ) :

スクリーンショット 2015-04-28 16.49.55


31 symbols for illustrator


“31 symbols for illustrator“. The zip file you get contains 31 vector graphic files for illustrator (ai10, CS2, CS6 compatible with latest CC version), one .eps file for each symbol (.eps files are compatible with MS Office) and two raster files (.jpg and .psd).

visit product page on gumroad https://gumroad.com/l/KXpFL


You get a standard license, You have rights to use or modify :

-in personal projects (design/ software/ applications)

-in prints for packaging (cd covers, gift wraps etc.)

-in advertising prints (posters, flyers etc.)

-in websites as part of design

You do not have rights to : 

– redistribute/resell/lease/license/sub-license or offer free downloads of these vectors in their present form or in a modified form to any third party

– you are not allowed to use these vectors in electronic bulletin boards/ or other type of websites in downloadable format.

– for any resell-able web applications or software programs you should not include these vectors as an additional attachment to boost your software sales or for any other purpose. Providing additional vectors to customers will be considered as a redistribution of these vectors which is not permitted by me.