Matthieu Tuffet

Fukuoka-Based Freelance
Photographer & Illustrator

Food photography

I shoot food photography for local business in Fukuoka/Karatsu area (japan). My personal food photography work are available to purchase at Adobe stock.Visit project page 

Modern view of Japan

It's a project of monochromatic illustration I started in 2012. It's all about japanese streets, girls wearing kimono and messy electric cables all over our heads.
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Karatsu Kunchi coverage

Karatsu Kunchi is a festival (matsuri in japanese) taking place every year in the city of Karatsu, Saga-ken, Japan.

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Monochromatic Minimalism

This is a series of black and white simple non-textured orthographic-projected 3DCG artworks. 

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Voxels landscapes

A series of heightmaps or lidar datas projected into 3DCG voxels rendering.

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Some graphics experimentations with fractals.

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I work mainly for preschools and local business in Kyushu, Japan.
Part of my work are also available royalty free at Adobe stock.
Also I am selling my personal photographic work as art prints on Society6.


I work in different mediums, digital or not. Usually I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for 2D illustrations and Blender and Quixel for 3DCG stuff.
I sell some of my illustrations royalty free at Adobe stock.
Goodies and art print are available to buy at Society6.

DTP and Web Designing

I create flyers, brochure, poster, billboard and manage, host & design several websites mainly for local business in Kyushu, Japan. There is some of them, Sumire PreschoolRestaurant Kaihinkan , Nijinomori Kindergarten.

About me

Matthieu Tuffet aka Parisian Samurai

french guy,father of a 11 years old and 7 years old little girls,
Currently based in the japanese southern island of Kyushu.
I am a professional photographer mainly working for preschools, taking pictures of children between the age of 0 to 7 years old. I am also working for local business creating contents for food packaging, website or billboard.
Another part of my work is to create royalty free useful  artworks and materials for my customers all over the world.